Dr. Neil Roodyn
nsquared Director and Founder
Author of eXtreme .NET and Developing for Surface, Dr. Neil is the worlds first Microsoft Surface MVP, and a Regional Director for Microsoft Australia. For over 20 years Dr. Neil has been a technology consultant, teacher, entrepreneur, application designer and developer. Constantly pushing the boundaries of new technology Dr. Neil founded nsquared with the vision of delivering software that makes the world smarter.
Lisa Wellman
Managing Director, North America
The former VP, Publishing, Entertainment and New Media markets for Apple has led numerous tech start-ups and early stage companies. Lisa's over 30 year business career has included positions as high tech marketer, programmer and systems analyst. She is associated with the Foster School of Business, University of Washington and a statewide micro-enterpise non-profit organisation.
Who we are

We're a team that is passionate about learning, technology and creating awesome user experiences. We focus exclusively on cutting edge technology. Dr. Neil, our Director, has spent the last 20 years of his development career at the forefront of technology. As a software development team, we are continually inspired by what we make possible.
What do we do

We are excited about showing you how good software can be. Our customers love us because we craft software that is truly smart, robust, and user friendly. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business needs so that we can deliver real value to you, and our Zero-Defect Guarantee™ is the cherry on the cake. It comes with every piece of software we deliver.
Why do we do it

We believe in adding real value, and making a positive difference in the world. Our aim is to build technology that makes people more intelligent by encouraging thinking and conversations. We love the leading edge because we love learning, and we're fascinated with the opportunities that great technology presents. We believe that software should be uncomplicated and that it should make people smarter when they use it.