nsquared web

Ideal Locations

Schools and Universities



Convention Centres

Hotel Reception areas


Designed for multi-user web browsing

Collaboration tool for business meetings, research groups, and classrooms

Share web pages with friends or colleagues

Email, YouTube and social media support

Create, save and load your favourites lists for quick viewing

nsquared web, is a new, social way to explore the internet. This very unique multi-user web browser is the first of its kind. It allows groups of people to gather around a digital table such as the Samsung SUR40 or Microsoft Perceptive Pixel screen and browse the web together.

This is a powerful application that allows you to change the conversation – no need to look over small mobile screens or drag out tablets – do it all from the same digital tabletop! When everyone can bring up their own site, whether it be a company website, Facebook page or news source on the same screen, teamwork becomes faster and more productive because your peers can easily see what you are wanting to share. The large screen real estate allows for ease of viewing and encourages conversation.

nsquared web features a personal browser and keyboard for each person. Each browser can be easily resized or rotated with the simple manipulation of intuitive hand gestures. When you find a webpage you want to share, simply email the link and the content is shared in seconds. Share web pages by email, save them to a list of favorites or post them directly to social media. Imagine, everyone can view their own Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr on the same screen!