Ready for Surface 2.0!
Surface 2.0 is on its way, and all your favourite nsquared software for Microsoft® Surface® is ready and waiting for you – bigger, brighter and better than ever! We make investing in Surface a breeze with ready-to-go software for education, business, hospitality, tourism, real estate, finance, retail and more. Whatever your questions, we have the answers you need, backed by years of hard-earned experience.
Creative, competitive, and collaborative
The nsquared education software solutions is designed to focus on the development of numeracy and literacy skills, and creative skill development. The social nature of a Surface device encourages collaboration and sharing even in competitive game situations. Each of the ten different activities is customisable with the unique nsquared teacher tool, providing plenty of options for students and teachers alike.
Microsoft Surace Certified
Game-Based Learning
The nsquared education software solutions is the fun way to learn. Students become quickly immersed in the activities and don't even realise that they are learning. Whilst the games are essentially competitive, they encourage collaboration, cooperation and sharing. In the classroom situation we've also seen them inspire leadership.
Microsoft Surace Certified
Content Packs
Customise your apps! Download fresh, themed content from this website by clicking on the "Content Packs" item to the right, or add your own by using images from your personal collection.
Microsoft Surace Certified