nsquared paint

Ideal Locations

Schools & Universities

Early Learning Centers




Multi-touch, multi-user

Collaboration tool for business meetings, research groups, and classrooms

Utilise paint tools such as fingers, hands and even real paintbrushes

12 colour palettes

Colour mixing

Save your artwork

Easy “clear all” button

nsquared paint allows students to use standard painting tools such as fingers, hands and paintbrushes to create their own digital art masterpieces. With 12 supplied colour palettes, they can explore and learn colour mixing, colour combinations and learn to create their own colour palettes.

The nsquared paint application is so engaging that it allows any student from any background to come to the table and start collaborating. nsquared paint is an intuitive, easy to use application that provokes conversation, leadership and communication by users of all ages. Use it in the education space or as a free form creativity exercise – the possibilities and masterpieces are endless!

*Paintbrush feature works utilising the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense hardware.