It’s time we got back together again to share our ideas, learn from each other, solve problems, and make great decisions more quickly.

Personal mobile devices have opened up many opportunities and there is no doubt that they are here to stay. We are empowered by them in many ways. Unfortunately, those devices, with their ‘individual serving’ formulas are also isolating and distracting. Ironically, we’re disconnected from each other by the very devices that promised to bring us together.

Tables connect us. We gather around them in collaboration, to help each other share and solve problems, to learn from each other, to resolve issues and move forward together in better ways.

For focussed, connected conversations, the nsquared digitable55 combines the latest in leading edge technologies to create amazing socially interactive experiences for everyone at the table. Perfect for business meetings, active real estate sales, hospitality venues, information kiosks, museums, library and community centres, and off the plan property sales.

Ideal Locations

Polycarbonate Enclosure with Bamboo Legs

Black polycarbonate enclosure, Bamboo legs. For technical specifications, click here.

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