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nsquared is hiring in 2017!

nsquared opened its doors for business in the Sydney CBD in 2008. The company is self-funded and has grown each year of its operation. In 2017, nsquared is expanding again.

nsquared has always been the provider of advanced leading-edge software solutions. Since early 2009, its core business focus has been centred on creating exceptional software for gesture based computing experiences. In mid 2013, it shifted its focus to include the creation and delivery of digital table hardware as well as software. In early 2014 the design and development phase for delivery of the nsquared digitable product range commenced. Two years in, there have been several products designed and delivered. In 2017, the company goal is to move that process forward.

As a member of the nsquared team you will have the opportunity to contribute and work with an inspired group of individuals on projects that are unparalleled in terms of their uniqueness in Australia, and indeed, most of the world. The team is inspired by the idea that they are working together to change the way people meet and work together now and in the future.

As a company that is moving into its next phase of growth, nsquared encourages personal growth and rewards action-oriented self motivated people.


Business Development / High-Performance Salesperson

Are you a confident, self-driven salesperson looking to work for one of the country’s most exciting and innovative companies? Are you a rain maker that prides him/herself on your results? Do you want to utilise your proven sales experience to work your way up to be a Sales Manager where you can build your own sales team from scratch? Do you want to sell a product that people get blown away by rather than a boring commodity product or service?

Your ability to deliver high and improving sales rates will be critical to the success of the role and nsquared.

Software Developer

As a developer with nsquared you will be responsible for creating, enhancing and testing software products. You will work closely with nsquared’s development team to deliver monthly milestones that will ensure the growing success of the products and the company.

Your ability to deliver high quality code to deadlines will be critical to the success of the role.

To Apply

Please submit your CV with a supporting statement (1/2 – 1 x A4 page) that explains why you’re interested in working for nsquared, and what benefits you will bring to the team.

Suite 303, 75 King St Sydney NSW 2000
E: jobs@nsquaredsolutions.com
T: 02 9262 3386